Definition of Menopause and Menopause Symptoms

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Menopause is a phase that is definitely going to be faced by women, no need to worry and fear if you are suffering menopause, because menopause is a natural event that will not interfere the domestic life of husband and wife if both partners understand each other.
Menopause women
The definition of menopause is a phase of the menstrual cycle or menstrual cessation in women due to the influence of age and hormonal changes. A Woman usually suffers menopause at the age of 50-years even less.

The symptoms of menopause are different among the women, some of them are:
1. Pain during intercourse
2. Often having vertigo (extraordinary dizziness) and migraine
3. Pain in the lumbar muscle
4. Heart pulse frequently 
5. Hard to sleep unlike usual
6. Psychically irritability and be emotional
7. Irregular menstrual cycle
8. Declining llibido encouragement
9. Bone and joint pain
10. Increasing Cholesterol
11. Moody
12. Easy to be tired
13. Often feeling fear and worry
14. Difficult to concentrate
15. Itching in the area of womanhood
16. Pain in the breast
17. Stomach nausea and bloating
18. allergic to something
19. Falling out and thinning hair
20. Tingling
21. Gums bleed easily
22. Brittle nails

If you are entering 40-or 50-years old, you will often feel the complaints and symptoms above, you could be menopause soon, once again no need to fear or worry about menopause, because all women suffer it and there are many ways to make it not disturb the harmony of household.

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