Causes of Sensitive Skin

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The cause of Sensitive skin usually has an outer layer of skin that is thinner than the general skin. As a result, the response of nerve point is much higher, so it is easy to react to trivia.
For example, while in cold, the skin feels dry, or when applying certain cosmetic products, suddenly the skin becomes red, itching and stinging.

sensitive skin

In general, the skin becomes sensitive or easily problematic due to two factors:
1. Genetic Factor
A person's skin type is generally heredity of his parents.  Likewise with sensitive skin.  Even the descent is the main factor causing sensitive skin. If you already have a talent or descent of sensitive skin, the presence of trigger factors would make easier problematic skin.

2. Trigger Factor
This is a factor that triggers the emergence of an allergic skin reaction. Several things can trigger skin problems, such as medicines or cosmetics that are applied to the skin, stress, and environmental factors.
Medicines and certain cosmetics can peel the skin to the deepest layer, so the skin becomes difficult to return to the initial condition.

Thin crust as a result of using unsuitable medicines and cosmetics, will cause the loss of moisture skin. If the moisture as skin's outer protective factor is missing, the skin will become vulnerable to foreign objects, so skin makes an allergic reaction as a defense.

That’s why dry skin is also prone to problems when exposed to something. So, moisture becomes critical in protecting the skin from external factors.
Another factor that can trigger skin problems is decreased body condition, stress, and the environment such as exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures.

On decreased body condition or stress, everyone could have skin problems, such as, easy to have skin irritation or skin allergic. It is due to decreasing body condition that also may reduce skin resistance.

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