Riding Bicycle Frequently Causes Large Calves

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Does Cycling cause Large Calves?
"Do not often ride a bike, it makes your calves larger". The myths revolves among the public. Is it true that cycling causes the calves larger?
calves woman riding cycle

Cycling may cause the calf larger when done excessively, and not appropriate to the ability. In order to make it isn’t happened, it is suggested to make the objectives in advance. "Cycling is an aerobic sport, so it's good to exercise the heart and lungs. The training load is about 80 percent of maximum heart rate.

Cycling should be done only for tightening and beautifying calves, the training should not be too heavy, which is about 60-70% of maximum heart rate.

"Indeed, the most recommended advantage of cycling is on the leg muscles. In addition, the advantage of cycling is not only physically, but also mentally. The researchers said that the best sports activity is a combination between exercise loads such as fitness and motion sports, like cycling.

The Balancing of the quantity and quality of the exercise load and the motion will produce fat burning, on the other hand, it will increase muscle mass. It is very helpful to get the ideal body shape.

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