Types and How to Remove Blackheads

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Types of Blackheads:
1. Open Blackheads (Black-Head)
Open blackheads appears, but some also disappears, and it is characterized by the blackened pores skin on the surface. That is why it is called Balck-Head. Blackened color is actually a set of oil gland. The oil gland is yellow at first, then changes to brown, more and more darkened or blackened color.
2. Close Blackheads (White-Head)
Close blackheads is the name for a closed blackheads skin tissue. Generally, the shape of these blackheads is like papules and white so-called White-Head, and it appears on the surface of the skin.


How to clear up and get over the Blackheads?
1. Chemical Peeling
Blackheads can be removed by Chemical Peeling, especially those which contain glycolic acid. In fact, it can reduce oil production as the cause of blackheads. Glycolic acid neutralizes the pH condition of skin, because oily skin tends to alkalis, while the pH of normal skin is 4-5. Chemical Peeling frequency adjusted with the problems and the sensitivity of the skin. However, it is generally done in 10-14 days after the first Chemical Peeling, or if the skin more sensitive, Chemical Peeling can be done once a month.
2. Hormonal Therapy
Blackheads can also be overcome by high-dose of estrogen hormonal therapy. This therapy can reduce the production of oil glands, and make the skin smoother, because the smaller pores due to reducing oil production. If the oil production decreases, the possibility of the appearance of blackheads automatically reduces. 
3. Night Cream
Blackheads can also be overcome by a night cream, especially the night cream containing Retinoic Acid and Glycolic Acid. The materials can regulate oil production in the skin, so it is difficult to form blackheads.
4. Facial
Facials can also handle blackheads. Facials can be done every two weeks or once a month.
5. Pore Pack
This tool works with the system of removing blackheads forcibly. Pore Pack is affixed to the blackheads skin then revoked. Unfortunately, this tool can only be used to revoke open blackheads or the blackhead that appears on the surface. 

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