Benefits of Pregnant Gymnastics and Pregnant Gymnastics Movement

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There are a lot of Pregnancy Exercise benefits such as maintaining physical fitness, relaxation of the muscles especially the muscles associated with childbirth organ, but it certainly will strengthen the mental when facing labor.
pregnancy gymnastics exercises
Here is an example of Pregnant Gymnastic Movement that you should try, but before doing this by themselves or guidance of the instructor, you should consult with your doctor or midwife, lest it affect to your pregnancy, for example, makes the position of the fetus be abnormal and so on.

1. Prepare the gymnastics tools especially soft mat and pillow to minimalize the pressure of body part to the hard floor. Before doing the pregnancy exercise, do a light warm, so the stiff muscles become flexible and ready to do the exercise. Warming up can be done by twisting of the neck, moving the neck laterally right-left, rotating the hands or moving forward backward repeatedly, twisting hips and so on. Remember to do it with mild movement.

2. Many pregnant women suffer from swelling in the legs, lie well above the mattress and put your head in pillows, move your feet forward and backward until they are not rigid. Do it too by bending your legs one by one in turn so that the position of the knee over toe drag and drop the forward and backward without lifting up your feet, if it is done regularly, it can prevent leg swelling.

3. To strengthen the thigh muscles, lie upwards and lift your legs up, up and down approximately 45 degrees, do this exercise in turn.

4. When the normal labor, straining is required because without straining the baby will not be pushed out, it requires extra energy and power and at the same time you have to bear the pain, therefore you need to do exercises before the time of labor. Lie on your back, lift your legs and hold the knee or associate the bottom of uplifted knee to your hands, practice straining lightly and continuously. This straining seems easy but if it is not trained, it will be hard to do, when straining, it often occurs out of breath, so the pushing baby is not optimal because of exhaustion.

5. Often feel waist pain during pregnancy, do the position like a crawling position, open legs, let off your arms at the elbow region somewhat sideways, put your head in mattress facing sideways, let off the chest to the mat, this position is done regularly until the muscles of the back and hips become limp.

6. To strengthen and relax the muscles of the thigh and groin area, position your body such crawling, lift and straighten your legs backward, hold briefly and let off to the flexed position resting on the knees, do it in turn.

Actually there are a lot of movements in pregnant gymnastics, such as the pictures above, That’s all about the benefits of pregnant Gymnastics  and pregnant gymnastics Movement that you can do, hopefully it can be useful and thank you.

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