Analgesic or Antipyretic and Anesthetic Drug

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Analgesic drug is drug that reduce or eliminate pain without losing consciousness. Antipyretic drug is drug that decreases high body temperature. Normal body temperature is 36 degrees to 37 degrees celsius.

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Most of analgesic drug also give antipyretic effect. But instead of antipyretic drug also can reduce the pain. Each drug depending on which effect is dominant.

The examples of drug: Acetaminophen or Paracetamol, Acetosal or Aspirin. These antipyretic effect of drug bigger than the analgesic effect.
Methampyronum or Novalgin, Glapheninum has the analgesic power bigger than the antipyretic power.

Anesthetic drug is a drug that causes a loss of feeling. There are 2 kinds of anesthesia, namely:
a. General anesthesia causes loss of feeling and awareness modalities. Occurs barrier central nervous system. It is used in major surgery.
The examples of drug are Aether, Cloroform, inhaled through the nose with a mask.
b. Local anesthesia causes loss only local sensibility, without loss of consciousness and inhibition occurs in peripheral nerves and impulses are not transmitted to the brain.

The examples of drug are Aethylischloridum or Chloraethyl is a liquid sprayed on a local place. Often used to cut the preputium, pulling milk tooth or child tooth that shake. Procaini Hydrochloridum, Lidocaini Hydrochloridum are injected at the time of going to pull a tooth, Aethylis aminobenzoas in the ointment to applied to the skin.

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