Definition and Purposes of Hospital Management

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Definition of hospital management is the coordination among the various resources through the process of planning, organizing, and controlling ability to achieve goals.
hospital management
Hospital management puetrposes are:
1. Preparing resources
2. Evaluating effectiveness
3. Governing the use of service
4. Efficiency
5. Quality
In complex organizational hospital activities, experience will not be enough, the treatment cannot base on guessing and taste only, this is caused by:
1. More difficult and expensive resources
2. Competition era that demands excellent service
3. The development of community demand
Professional management means implementing management in a manner that can be accountable scientifically; it requires a trained person correctly and properly. 
In order to implement patient-oriented services and maintain the quality of service, it is needed reliable management; everything that is needed will be available in the form of:
1. Right amount
2. On time
3. On the target
Management of hospital environment is a management that is not static but dynamic, so adaptation is needed if a change in the hospital happened, which includes resources, processes and hospital activities, also in case of change beyond the hospital, such as law and knowledge changes caused by technological developments.
The most important benefit that can be obtained when implementing management system of hospital environment is environment and public health protections. Hospital management specifications will provide an outline of environmental management designed for all aspects; operations, products, and services of the hospital integrated and interrelated

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