Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Anhidrosis

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The causes of Anhidosis
Anhidrosis is caused by sweat production that is not smooth. It could be due to the following factors:
a. Innate talent
Sweat that cannot be produced well could have been caused by heredity. This factor is genetic, in which a person genetically does not have sweat glands in the body.
b. Burns
The existence of burns in the skin causes abnormal production of sweat glands. Burns can damage the skin pores, even to the deeper layers. This condition can cause the sweat cannot exit normally.
c. Skin Disease
The presence of skin diseases, such as miliary also can cause clogged sweat production. Miliary is a disorder due to retention of sweat in clogged eccrine gland duct. The blockage can be caused by bacteria that cause an inflammatory and swelling due to unable exit evaporation.
d. Certain Drugs
The use of certain drugs can also stimulate the emergence of sweat production disorders, for example, antipsychotic drugs that are often used to treat mental disorders. In addition, the use of topical antiperspirants containing aluminum sulfate can also cause the disorder.
e. Trauma
Trauma in the skin can also lead to the emergence of anhidrosis disorders. It is mainly caused by exfoliative dermatitis or treatment that causes trauma to the sweat glands, causing a disruption in the sweat production.
f. Too Strong Heat Exposure 
Heat exposure that is too strong from the sun can also cause the appearance of anhidrosis. Too strong heat exposure causes fluid supply reduced, resulting in dehydration. Reduction in body fluids can cause hampered sweat production. 


Symptoms of Anhidrosis
Some of the symptoms which symbolize the anhidrosis disruption are:
a. Very Little Sweat 
The main symptom of anhidrosis is very little sweat, even when doing strenuous physical activity.
b. Very Dry Skin
Anhidrosis disruption is caused by abnormal sweat production. So, it causes dry skin. One of the signs of dry skin is the skin looks scaly.
c. Often irritation
In anhidrosis disorders, the sweat production is very little; it makes your skin very dry, consequently the skin becomes susceptible to irritation. Therefore, if the skin is irritated, it could be a symptom of anhidrosis.

Anhidrosis Handling 
Anhidrosis is regarded as not serious disorder, because it only affects a small part of the body. But when it occurs throughout the body, it should be done the treatment based on the cause. "So it is not specific to the anhidrosis". Before the treatment, usually it is done examination using skin scope. This tool is used to perform the examination in order to determine abnormalities in the skin. This check is useful to ascertain anhidrosis causes, whether there is a blockage caused by bacteria, or other causes.

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