Causes of Necrosis or Gangrene Skin

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Gangrene is decaying of the wound caused by a reduction or cessation of blood supply to the injured tissue so the cells are killed.
gangrene necrosis skin
Types of gangrene or decay skin are:
1. Dry gangrene
2. Wet gangrene
3. Gas gangrene
4. Internal Gangrene
5. Necrotizing Fasciitis
The cause of gangrene or decay skin is due to an infection caused by Clostridium perfringens (CP) and Exotoxin Clostridial (EC). They are types of bacteria found in soil, dirty places, wet places, and tobacco contaminated by water. Because of that, it is not rare that heavy smokers are often affected gangrene although only mild stage.
The process of gangrene begins with the entry of bacteria through open wounds then spread to the muscles and breed in necrotic tissue. Then these bacteria move toxins. Body cells need nutrients and oxygen from the blood, but due to exposure to toxins of CP and EC bacteria, the blood flow is stopped so that blood cells become damaged which eventually die or necrosis occurs; including the interruption of the supply of white blood cells that normally give the immune system.

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