Advantages and Weaknesses of Questionnaire

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Questionnaire is a research instrument that is very popular and widely used for research, what are the advantages and weakness of this instrument?


The advantages of questionnaire are:

a. The implementation may not require the presence of researchers directly, because it can be given to the respondent through another person or via courier service.

b. Questionnaire can be distributed simultaneously to many respondents addressed or as the research sample.

c. Questionnaire can be answered by the respondent or the target based on the speed and the leisure time of each respondent. 

d. The identity of respondents can be filled anonymously, so that the respondent is free to be honest and not to be shy in giving answers from the questionnaire.

e. Questionnaire can be standardized; it means that the questionnaire given to all respondents can be given questions that are really same.

Questionnaire weaknesses include:

a.The respondents are often less careful in answering the questionnaire, if the number of questions in the questionnaire is quite a lot, sometimes respondents are not only less careful but also random answering due to the laziness of the respondents.

b. It does not rule out also if researchers do not meet directly to the respondent, the respondent will provide answers that are dishonest or deliberately give wrong answers.

c. The questionnaire is not necessarily re-sent to us by the respondents, even if sometimes it is delivered late so it will be difficult for researchers in data processing of the questionnaire results.

d. Questionnaire is easy to be implemented but if researchers do not give serious attention to the respondent then what is obtained from the questionnaire responses will not be satisfactory, and the worse is not useful at all to support research because respondents provide random answers.

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