Symptoms of Varicose Veins

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Because of varicose veins are very disturbing the appearance and even cause pain when walking, be aware for the symptoms of the emergence of varicose veins. 
varicose veins
These symptoms can be distinguished according to the degree of the seriousness as the following:
a. Grade 1
This is the initial level which is not visible of the physical signs in the foot. At this early stage, the symptom that is most often felt by patient is just discomfort in the foot, such as pain, stiffness, especially when it is used for walking or claudicatio intermeten.
b. Grade 2
In this level, it is visible of the physical signs accompanied by symptoms such as at level 1. At this level, usually patient’s legs begin popping blue veins, but they are not too obtrusive and accompanied by pain and stiffness when walking.
c. Grade 3
In this level, it starts to occur lengthening and widening of the veins, even to the winding and small branching. Pain and soreness at the legs which are felt in the third level is not only when walking, but also when not in use for walking (rest vein).
d. Grade 4
At this level, the vein has been elongated, dilated, branching, winding and wound. This wound is common in vein lumps that are in the ankles. Most people think that this wound occurs on the skin. Whereas, it occurs due to severe varicose veins.

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