Forensic Autopsy of Newborn Murder

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An autopsy is derived from the word "autopsia" which is taken from Greek. It consists of two words, auto that means "alone" and opsis which means "see". 

The definition of Forensic Autopsy is the examination of a corpse body for the interests of justice, including examining the outside and the inside by using the methods that can be justified scientifically by the competent expert. Without doing the autopsy, the cause of someone's death cannot be determined.

Forensic autopsy becomes a necessity when it is done to a died person due to a criminal incident or at least there are indications of a crime in the death process. The cause of death can only be determined by autopsy. Autopsy process starts from the preparation, external examination, internal examination, closing the corpse that is done systematically.

At the forensic examination of the newborn corpse, the result will provide the following information:
1. The presence or absence of care sign
2. The baby is viable or non-viable
3. Age baby in the womb, premature, mature or post mature
4. It has been breathing or not
5. The Presence or absence of signs of violence
6. What the cause of death
The examination of a woman suspected of being the mother of the baby aims to determine whether the woman had just given birth. To face these cases, the law enforcement should be able to ask for a doctor’s help in examining a suspect in order to prove the signs of pregnancy, signs of labor and the genetic relationship between the mother and the baby.

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