Diseases Transmitted by Rats

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Do you think these rats are usual? In some countries, these animals are famous because they carry the deadly bacteria.
Transmission of pathogens from rats can be generated through a rat bite directly by rats, carried by vectors or direct contamination through urine, feces and tissues of rats that contain pathogens.

According to the study results of Residential Pest Control, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine IPB, some diseases transmitted by rats are as follows:
1. Pes Diseases 
Pes is an epidemic disease in humans and rats that would be fatal if it is not treated.
2. Salmonellosis Disease 
Salmonellosis is a disease in humans or animals caused by bacteria of Salmonella genus that is usually poison food.
3. Leptospirosis (Weil disease)
Leptospirosis or jaundice is an important disease in humans, rats, mice, dogs, pigs, and cows. The disease is not in cats.
4. Rickettsia Disease
Disease caused by rickettsia is a special type of bacteria which becomes parasitic on vertebrates and arthropods cells with fleas, mites or ticks vectors.
5. Lassa and Rodent-borne haemorrhagic fevers (Lassa fever)
It is an acute disease caused by a virus from Arenavirus group.

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