Definition of Planning, Organizing, Staffing and Evaluating

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Definition of planning is the way to approach the problem by formulating anything should be done and how to do.
planning, organizing, staffing, evaluating

The step of planning is as follow :

1. Deciding and formulating the goal to achieve.

2. Checking the problem or the work to do.

3. Collecting the necessary date and information.

4. Deciding the steps or the series of action.

5. Formulating the way to solve the problems and the way to finish the work.

Definition of organizing is Arti Organizing adalah the activity to arrange and to create the work relation among people for getting the business unity in order to achieve the goals determined.

What necessary to pay attention on organizing is that work division, competence, and responsibility, should be appropriate with experience, talent, interest, knowledge, and personality of each people which is necessary in doing the duties.

Definition of staffing is activity to do including to determining, choosing, placing and guiding the personnel. The principle in staffing is "the right man in the right place".

Activity of staffing is such as giving motivation to employee being always active in working, giving prosperity of employee, reward, and guidance to get more progress, opportunity to get self-developing, ceasing and pension.

Definition of evaluating is activity to check and to know the implementation of working done in order to achieve the goal.

by this evaluation will be known the lack and the weakness to get solution.

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