Lecture and Role Playing Learning Methods

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In adult learning, the learning process tends to increase if the material presented is relevant to the needs and can be applied. Thus, the use of lecture method without being followed by another method that can be used to practice the subjects will be boring and decreasing the interest in learning.
lecture learning method
The combination of lecture and simulation or role playing methods will train the student’s competence from the understanding level to the level of implementation and analysis, even to the level of evaluation. Through a combination of lecture and simulation or role playing, learning is no longer a theoretical process but it turns into a practical process, or in other words, from just hearing process into the application process and problem solving.
Simulation Forms:
1. Peer Teaching is a teaching practice by using own friends as students that are taught.
2. Role Playing is a practice that move or simplify the actual events into the lecture hall. In role playing, the students are given a role as in a play. In this way, students are expected to experience and explore a variety of feelings, skills and steps in solving the problem.
3. Game is a practice that can improve the knowledge of cognitive, psychomotor and affective. In the game, players compete to achieve the highest rate. To the smoothness of the game, it is usually made rules of the game.

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