Brainstorming Learning Method

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Definition of brainstorming is a method that can push the students’ courage to actively participate in learning process.
This is because brainstorming method gives opportunity to students to give opinions freely without having to be fear that the quality of their opinion evaluated. It means that if student gives an opinion, the opinion is collected and written on the board without any response. Thus, students are not afraid wrong and motivated to be active.
After the opinions or suggestions of learners are enough, teachers can start to explain a concept or procedure that will be taught by using the opinions or suggestions of the students.
For example, before explaining the difference of imprisonment and prison, the teacher can ask the opinion of the students about the difference between the two concepts and record all opinion in board.
After a sufficient number of opinions or suggestions or students no longer give an opinion, teachers can use the suggestions or opinions to explain the difference by using lecture method.
The advantage of Lecture and brainstorming methods in the learning process for the students is learning process starts from the knowledge that has been owned by the students so that learning becomes faster because the information is easily understood by students.

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