Definition and Level of Knowledge

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Knowledge is result of "know", this occurs after people perform sensing on a particular object.
Sensing occurs through five senses and the majority of human knowledge is gained through eyes and ears (Notoatmodjo, 2002).
There are 6 levels of knowledge:
1. Know 
Know is interpreted as a reminder of a material that is previously learned. Included into this knowledge is recall to specific thing of all the materials studied that has been received. Therefore, "know" is the lowest level of knowledge.
2. Comprehension
Comprehension is defined as the ability to correctly describe what is known about the object and correctly interpret the material.
3. Application 
Application is defined as the ability to use a material studied on the situation or the real or actual condition.
4. Analysis
Analysis is the ability to describe a material or an object into the components, but it belongs to an organizational structure and still has relation to each other.
5. Synthesis
Synthesis shows an ability to put or connect the parts in a whole new form.
6. Evaluation 
Evaluation relates to the ability to justify or assess a material or an object (Notoatmodjo, 1996).

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