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1.     Siva Cahyaningtyas              (P1337425216023)
2.     Syifa Azhaar NH                   (P1337425216024)
3.     Indriah Herri A.                    (P1337425216027)
4.     Afif Tsaniyatul F.                  ( P1337425216041)
5.     Iffia Khun Patria                  (P1337425216055)


Broadcaster     1:"Good morning listeners, we meet again with me, Shifa Azhaar, and ..."

Broadcaster     2:" I, Indriah Heri ...

"Broadcaster1:"           ... in a radio broadcast Chibi Ten Health, the event which gives information about the world of health.

"Broadcaster2:"           Eh, Syif, pregnancy it is a gift that is fun for everyone women are not?

"Broadcaster1:" definitely .. Why?

"Broadcaster2:" In pregnancy, it generally will occur changes such as psychological and physiological changes. The situation is causing pregnant women often neglect personal hygiene, including the cleanliness of the teeth, so a group of pregnant women are very vulnerable or susceptible to dental disease and mouth. Wrong An example is the inflammation of the gums during pregnancy or epulis Gravidarum.

"Broadcaster1:" Uhh, this is terrible yes. So, listeners wherever they may be, the topic of our discussion today is about "Gingivitis in Pregnancy". This topic aims for listeners, especially pregnant women, to know and understand what it is gingivitis during pregnancy. At this time pregnant women really have to maintain the condition of good health, one way to consume a variety of foods and vitamins for the health of mother and baby.

"Broadcaster2:" Pregnancy is a physiological process that can cause changes in a woman's body, both physically and psychologically. This situation is due to the changes in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Moments of pregnancy is usually accompanied by a variety of complaints, such as cravings, nausea, vomiting including dental pain complaints. The condition of the teeth and mouth pregnant women are often characterized by the enlargement of the gums that bleed easily due to excessive gum tissue responds to local irritation ".

Broadcaster     1:"And now in the studio is already present someone who is an expert in this field."

Broadcasters 1: Good morning, Mrs. Siva Cahyaningtyas and Mrs. Afif Tsania.

"Speaker1:"     Good morning, lady, good morning as well as a loyal listener channel Chibi Ten.

"Speaker2:"     Good morning also everything.

"Broadcaster2:" well listeners all, they are the dental nurse who will discuss thoroughly our theme this time.

"Broadcaster1:"           Yes, just to Mother Siva, I and the listeners want to know, what is gingivitis in pregnant women?

"Speaker1:" gingivitis is a disorder such as inflammation of the gums as well as a form of periodontal disease. The periodontal disease occurs when inflammation and infection destroy the tissues that destroy the teeth, including the gums, periodontal ligament, the tooth sockets (alveolar bone). Enlargement of the gums in pregnant women usually begins in the first three months until the third trimester of pregnancy. Enlargement of the gums can be on / strike in all places or places. Rounded shape, surface smooth, shiny, bright-red, soft consistency, and bleed easily when in contact with the touch. This gum enlargement in dentistry called gingivitis gravidarum / pregnancy gravidarum / hyperplasia gravidarum, occur frequently in the first trimester of pregnancy. This situation is not always the same for every pregnant woman.

"Broadcaster2:"           Then what is the cause of this disease? Perhaps Mrs. Afif can explain it?

"Speaker2:" The disease gingivitis during pregnancy is caused by local irritants such as plaque, tartar, food debris, poor fillings, dentures were not good, and others. These causes as well as in non-pregnant women. But in pregnant women, hormonal changes can aggravate inflammatory reactions by local irritation of the gums. During pregnancy there is a change in the maintenance of oral hygiene that may be caused by the onset of nausea, vomiting, feeling of fear when brushing your teeth because of bleeding arise or the mother is too tired to pregnancy so lazy to brush their teeth. This situation in itself will add to the buildup of plaque thus exacerbating the problem.

"Speaker1:" In addition, there are other causes of gingivitis ie hormonal balance changes, especially changes in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Such changes in pregnancy have varying effects on the network, including widening blood vessels resulting in increased blood flow to your gums red, swollen and bleed easily. However, if oral hygiene is well-maintained, the striking change in the gum tissue will be rare.

"Broadcaster2:" Could you explain how the signs of a pregnant woman are exposed to gingivitis?

"Speaker2:"     clinical state of gum tissue / gingival during pregnancy including:
1.        Color gum / gingival inflammation bright red to bluish, sometimes dark red.
2.        look more rounded contour of the gums.
3.        Consistency, an area between the teeth and gums periphery looks swollen, smooth and shiny. Swollen gums will be curved when pressed, soft and supple.
4.        Will increase the risk of bleeding.
5.        Extensive inflammation, inflammation of the gums/gingiva during pregnancy can occur locally or generalized. The inflammatory process can extend to below the periodontal tissues and cause further damage to the structure.

Broadcaster     1:"So what action should be taken to prevent from happening gingivitis in pregnant women?"

Speaker           1:"Actions taken to prevent gingivitis in pregnant women include:
1.          Brush your teeth after meals and before bed
2.          Using dental floss
3.          Spot with a balanced diet
4.          Avoid tobacco
5.          Check your teeth regularly, and do the cleaning

Broadcaster     2:"Now for the pregnant women who hear this broadcast, probably already understand what it gingivitis as well as the causes and treatment."

Broadcaster     1:"for those listeners who have not understand, can directly ask the informant us

"(Tut... tut ... tut ...)

Broadcaster 2:"It seems there is an incoming caller. Hello, good morning, with whom and where?

"Caller:" Good morning miss Shifa, and miss Indri, my mother Iffia

"Broadcaster1:"           Okay Mom Iffia, the mother wanted to ask about anything, and the question wanted to mother addressed to whom? "

caller:               "I would like to ask Ms. Siva, what the symptoms of pregnant women exposed to gingivitis? Thank you, good morning.

"Speaker1:" Good morning Mother too. Well, I will explain what the symptoms of gingivitis are experienced by pregnant women. The main symptom is the occurrence of crusting of the gums and gums bright red or purple, in addition to the gums look shiny and easy bleeding. Other symptoms of gum soft at the touch but without the pain and mouth too dry.

"Broadcaster2:" Good Mother Iffia, had been explained by Ms. Siva told us all what are the symptoms of gingivitis in pregnant women.

"Broadcaster2:" It seems already have an incoming call, just so, with whom and where?

Caller:  "Good morning, my mother Selena Yakena. I would like to ask Mrs. Afif, if there are pregnant women affected by gingivitis but not treated immediately, what will happen? Thank you.

"Speaker2:" Morning to Mrs. Selena. Well, I will answer the question Mrs. Dwi. Basically, the cause of a dental disease is bacteria which gradually began to proliferate. If gingivitis is not treated in time, it will lead to very serious consequences such as periodontal disease. This will lead to pregnant women reluctant to eat, while the nutritional needs of pregnant women should be maintained. Who feared the baby would be born with a low birth weight, prematurity, defects in the fetus, like that.

"Speaker2:" Well I will deliver a little message for pregnant mothers. The first, brushing teeth with time and the right techniques, and use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Then rinse with 0.12% chlorine hexetidine, eating nutritious foods, and limit snacks. Do not forget to clean your teeth after eating / after vomiting."Broadcaster

                        2:"Well, just talk us this time talking about "Gingivitis in Pregnancy". As well as we thank our resource people, Mrs. Siva and Mrs. Afif for the information.
"Broadcaster1:"           Okay audience, with this ended the Ten Chibi Health today. On behalf of all the crew on duty, we say thank you

"Broadcasters1 &        2:"Good morning and spirit through the activities.

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