How to Maintain Healthy Teeth

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How important the role of mouth for us, it can give pleasure and be a source of unpleasant. Have you ever felt pain of toothache?
healthy teeth
Dental and mouth diseases still become problem because of high prevalence of dental disease. Both in developed and developing countries, dental disease is many still suffered.  
Actions required:
1. Maintaining oral hygiene
2. Tooth filling
3. Tooth revocation
4. Making denture
We can maintain dental hygiene by brushing teeth.
Why brushing teeth?
1. To maintain oral health
2. Breathing becomes fresh
3. Brushing removes leftovers required for the formation of plaque on the tooth surface. Plaque is a thin layer, sticky leftovers, attaching to the tooth surface, containing bacteria, the main cause of tooth decay and gum disease, growing 20 minutes after eating. Wrong way in brushing may result in tooth abrasion.
How to brush your teeth:
1. Move the toothbrush with a soft movement and rotation.
2. Brush the outside and inside surfaces of teeth, each upper and lower tooth with the bristles position 45 degree opposite to the gum line.
3. Brush all parts of the tooth surface that is used for chewing
4. To clean the inside front teeth (upper jaw teeth, the palate / lower jaw teeth, tongue), brush with an upright position and move slowly through the gum line towards teething.
5. To clean the outside front teeth (lips), brush with a little horizontal position and move slowly through the gum line towards teething.
6. Brush your tongue to remove bacteria and make the breath fresher
7. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, because the hard one can make gums hurt and cause abrasion of the teeth, thinning of the tooth structure especially around the gum line
8. Replace toothbrush if the bristle has broken

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