Easy ways of Denture Care

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Easy ways of Denture Care
1. Use Denture Cleaner Recommended by Dentist
If you use dentures, your dentist will recommend the denture cleaner. Therefore, it is important to use the cleaner recommended by dentist and not choose any brand that could harm your dentures.
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2. Avoid using toothpaste
Do not use toothpaste to clean your dentures, because the content of toothpaste is not appropriate with your denture material. It can cause abrasion of the dentures.
3. Use a soft toothbrush
Avoid using a rough toothbrush; use a soft toothbrush that can give good effect on your denture texture. Using a rough toothbrush can give scratches and rough mark on the denture surface.
4. Clean the dentures every time to be used
Do not allow your dentures unclean in long time, especially if you have taken it off and want to put it back.
5. Keep your dentures hygiene
When cleaning your dentures, or when removing them from your gums, you should keep them hygiene by always giving the layer when removing. 
6. Be diligent to remove leftovers
It is important to keep the dentures clean by cleaning your dentures of leftovers after eating. 
7. Take your dentures off for 6 hours per day
Letting your mouth free of dentures for a few hours is very good. You can let your dentures dislodged for about 6 hours.
8. Soak the dentures by water
Dislodged dentures should be soaked in water. It is very useful for you to keep your dentures moist and avoid dryness. So, water becomes one of the denture cares. 
9. Check gum condition
If your gums are swollen or reddened, avoid the usage for a while or you can consult to the nearest doctor to discuss it. 
10. Use fit dentures 
When deciding to use dentures, you should measure the fit size in order not to oversize.

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