Attitude Likert Scale : Definition and Examples

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Attitude Likert Scale is behavior scale designed to reveal pro and contra attitude, positive and negative attitude, agree and disagree attitude towards an attitude object. In attitude scale, social object is applied as attitude object.  
likert scale
Attitude Likert Scale consists of attitude statements, that is statements about attitude object. 
For example, if we want to display a group of peoples attitudes toward supermarket developmental issue, then every question about supermarket development is considered as of attitude statements, while supermarket development itself is attitude object.
Attitude statements consist of two kinds, they are favourable statements (approve attitude object) and unfavourable statements (disapprove attitude object).
An attitude scale generally consists of 25 to 30 attitude statements, partially in the form of favourable statements and the other does not, which are selected according to content quality and statistical analysis toward the statements ability to display the groups attitude.

Subject gives responses using 5 agreement categories:
Strongly Disagree (SD)
Disagree (D), Either Agree or Disagree (N), Agree (A), Strongly Agree (SA)
For example:
Supermarket development harms traditional market nearby [SD]  [D]  [N]  [A]  [SA]
How many numbers or scores should be given to every response category. Such score determination which is called as scaling procedure, requires more complex calculation.

However, every well written statement which enables the researcher to give simple scoring system, still has weakness possibility:

Favourable statements
Strongly Disagree [SD] = 0
Disagree                 [D] = 1
Either Agree or Disagree [N] = 2
Agree         [A] = 3
Strongly Agree         [SA] = 4

Unfavourable statements
Strongly Disagree [SD] = 4
Disagree                 [D] = 3
Either Agree or Disagree [N] = 2
Agree         [A] = 1
Strongly Agree         [SA] = 0

Individual score on attitude scale which is the attitude score, is the sum of whole statements of the scale.

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