The Nursing Process : Definition and Purpose

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The nursing process is the olderly collection of information about a patient and the effective use of this information to plan, carry out, and evaluate nursing care
nursing processThere are five steps in the nursing process and they are contianually repeated in a cycle of nursing actions, as the nurse solves problems and meet needs. Although this is a nursing process, it involves other health care-givers, the patient, and the patient`s family or other responsible persons.
In caring for elderly patients, the input of significant others is especially important. For example, Mrs. H is 80 years old and has had a total hip replacement. Two days after surgery, she begins having nausea and vomiting. Stopping her pain medications and antibiotics does not solve the problem. She has no history of stomach or bowel disorders. When the nurse approaches the daughter in the hallway to ask if she has any idea as to what may be happening, the daughter tells her, “My mother always gets nauseated when she`s nervous, and she`s nervous about going to therapy”.
Reference :
Farrell J : Nursing Care of the Older Person, J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, 1990.

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