Promotive, Preventive, Curative, Rehabilitative and Traditional Health Service

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In medicine or health, it is known some health services in the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative fields.

The definition of promotive health service is an activity and / or a series of health service activities that prioritize health promotion activity.
The example is dental and oral health education.

The definition of preventive health service is a preventive activity against a health problem / illness.
The example is topical application on the teeth.

The definition of curative health service is an activity and / or a series of treatment activities aimed at healing of disease, the reduction of suffering from the disease, disease control, or disability control in order to control the quality of the patient that can be maintained as optimal as possible.
The example is dental fillings.

The definition of rehabilitative health service is an activity and / or a series of activities to return the former patients into the community, so that they can take part again as the useful members of society for themselves and for the community as much as possible according to their ability.
The example is the manufacture or installation of dentures.
In addition to the medicine above, there is a health service carried out by the general public, this is called a traditional health service.

The definition of traditional health service is the treatment and / or treatment with the methods and drugs referring to the hereditary experience and skills empirically that can be accountable for and applied in accordance with the prevailing norms in a society.
The examples are alternative treatments using herbal medicine, cupping, acupuncture and others.

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