Endodontic Care (Root Canal Treatment)

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Talking about endodontic care, the valid principle is the disposal of infected tissue or elimination of germs, preparation and sterilization of root canals, and the filling has been applied and it is still valid.
endodhontic treatment
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Because of that, mummification treatment that is still mostly done by practitioners should not be done anymore, except in emergencies, because actually it is violate the basis scientific of endodontic treatment.

Thinking of the lack of the public awareness of checking the disease as early as possible and they come in the severe condition, they generally ask to extract their teeth, endodontic treatment should be popularized. Especially if it is understandable that the tooth extraction does not resolve the problem, and there is a statement that a tooth is lost seven teeth around it would be in danger.

Actually, for all dental conservation treatments, the main priority should be directed to maintaining the vitality of the pulp tissue, and the best content of the root canal is the pulp tissue itself (Plasschaert, 1983). Because of that, all actions in the service of dental conservation are always directed to the same thing, from the diagnosis, cavity preparation, and denseness.

Within the endodontic treatment, the diagnosis is absolutely essential because with the proper diagnosis, the accurate treatment can be planned. Included in this is the treatment of pulp capping, which also belongs to endodontic treatment and requires careful analysis of pain to determine whether the pulp tissue can be maintained or should be sacrificed (Sundoro, 1984).

To cope with the disease, the main principle of treatment is eliminating the cause. Because in Endodontic treatment or root canal treatment, the main cause is generally in the root canal, the elimination of germs and cavity preparation which are intended to clean the root canal developed. Similarly, the ways of filling in order to obtain good filling from hermetic to lateral and to the apex, so the possible rest of the germs may not be allowed to breed.

To support these principles, it is developed the endodontic technology. For example, with tools such as apex locator and RVG that can determine the work length so that the preparation does not exceed the apex. Similarly, root canal instruments with mechanical principles, sonic, and ultrasonic are also developed to make it easier. 

Furthermore, surgical endodontic techniques and ways of dental restoration after root canal treatment are also developed. Of course, all of this is intended to obtain optimal results and objectives to maintain the teeth as long as possible in the mouth.

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