Dental Caries Process

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In the new concept, the occurrence of dental caries process is dynamic, because of that, some definitions or understandings of caries can also be formulated.

dental caries

One of the definitions is that caries is the cumulative result of the dissolution of low pH (acidity) and precipitation at high pH (Hoffman 1980). With this definition, it can be understood that the change in pH at the matching plaque and tooth surface is always changing according to the presence of ions that determine the acidity in the area.

This is possible with the enamel characteristics (the outer tooth surface) that are porous and it allows the occurance of ion exchange into and out of enamel. With the concept above, the dental caries process is also a process that occurs between attack and defense, but it can be stopped. Furthermore, it can become active if the situation in plaque around the teeth turned into acid.

In this case, if a person eats a lot of cariogenic foods, caries will attacks the teeth and the pH of the teeth is under pH criticism that causes enamel solubility or higher enamel. Besides that, the caries occurance is a multifactorial interaction, which means that a lot of factors influence it. Factors affecting dental caries are socio-economic factors, environmental factors, demography factors, cultural factors and behavior factors. 

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