Definition of Research Variable

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Research variable is defined as anything that is established by the researcher to observed in order to get information about the research and to draw the conclusion.

Research Variables

Theoretically, variable can be defined as someones attributes, or object, that vary from person to person or from object to object (Hatch dan Farhady, 1981). Variable can be defined as attributes from science or specific activities. Height, weight, attitude, motivation, leadership, labor discipline are attributes from everyone. Weight, size, shape, and colors are attributes from object.

Factory raw material, production technology, quality control, marketing, advertisement, purchase value, benefit are examples of variables in activities or business.

It is called as a variable due to the variation. For instance, weight can be said as a variable, because weight of some people is vary from one another. So is motivation, perception can be considered as a variable because   it is vary from one another. So when the researcher selects research variable, either people, objects, or specific science, it should vary. Non various variable is not considered as variable. To be varied, the research should be based on a group of source data or various objects.

Kerlinger (1973) said that variable is construct or assigned behavior. As examples, degree of  aspiration, income, education, social status, gender, work productivity, and others. Also, Kerlinger explains that variable is behavior taken from different values. Hence, variable is something varies. Kidder (1981), states that variable is a quality in which the researchers learn and make conclusions.

Based on the definitions above, we can conclude that research variable is attributes or behavior or values of people, object, or various activities determined by the researchers, in order to get information about the research and to draw the conclusion.

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