Definition of Marketing

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To get successful in business, in have economic activity a businessman, who supplies goods or service, should know about marketing. Without any good marketing, it will be difficult to get progress at this junction because nowadays the corporate world is going over in rivalry.
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Two definition of marketing below substantively refer to the concept of the essence of marketing, which this concept contains to:

1. Needs, Wants and Demans

2. Product, which is such as Goods, service and idea

3. Value, cost and satisfaction

4. Transaction and exchange

5. Relation and network

6. Market, marketerand prospect.

The first definition of marketing I will write is to American Marketing Association, the definition as follow:

“ marketing is a process of planning and running the concept, cost, promotion, and distributing a number of idea, goods and service, to make the exchange which is able to satisfy the goal of individual and of organization ”.

The second definition of marketing is to an expert namely Philip Kotler, who states that:

“ marketing is a social and managerial process which individual and group get what they need and what they want by creating, offering, and bartering the valuable product with others “.

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