Aesthetic Considerations in Dental Caries Treatment

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Although the treatment of dental caries is the daily job of a dentist that is easy to do, but to achieve satisfactory results, several factors are needed. 

The factors include the diagnosis and the development of caries, ways of cavity preparation, color selection of dense material, especially for the anterior teeth requiring aesthetic considerations.

caries treatment

By the development of knowledge of cariology, the philosophy of denseness has been changed. Treatment by observing on the preventive aspect is also preferred. By considering both of those cases, the certain limitation concerning of decision when cramming the cavity and when preventive action has been done. But in this case, the aesthetic considerations keep noted. For example, although according to the caries clinical diagnosis can be stopped, the denseness can be done if the lesions interfere with the patient aesthetics.

The attention to the preventive aspect also recommends to do minimal preparation. With the minimal preparation, residual tooth tissue will be stronger, returning the original anatomical shape tooth will be easier, and the injury of the pulp tissue will be minimal. But for anterior teeth, sometimes this principle adjustment can occur because of aesthetic considerations, namely the chronic denseness caries. If the transparent zone or hyper mineralization zone that are generally darker on the posterior teeth can be left out, the anterior teeth need to be removed because it can interfere with aesthetics.

Specifically for class V caries and tooth root caries, because of high recurrence, the attention of the minimal preparation is very important. Bindslev and Asmussen suggested of doing caries tissue excavation and the ignition of the edges cavity, so only little healthy tissue is wasted. Meanwhile, Phankosol suggested that tooth root caries treatment adjusted to the depth with application of fluoride is as the next preventive action. In this type of caries, in the absence of the rest enamel, dentin bonding material is often needed, or adhesive glass ionomer dense is choosen.

Regarding the selection of colors, it is not the problem anymore. Some products of tooth-colored dense materials have provided more choices of colors. However, it should be noted that the original enamel color still cannot completely be emulated. Because of that, minimal preparation is needed to maintain the healthy tissue as much as possible, so that the original color of the enamel can also be maintained.

The patient opinion should also keep in mind, so it will not become a problem later. Fortunately, the quality of new dense materials increases, it can be polished smoothly and the discoloration due to the environment can be reduced.

Pulp tissue abnormalities due to the anterior teeth caries that requires endodontic treatment also needs attention to the Aesthetic Dentistry. Starting from the lack of removing the carious tissue and necrotic pulp tissue affect the success of the treatment.

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