Definition of Administration

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The word “administration” comes from Latin consist of the word “ad” and “ministrare”. The word “ad” has similar meaning with “to” in English, which means “to”. 

And “ministrare” is same with the word “to serve” or “to conduct” Dan "ministrare" which means “serve”, “help” or “instruct”.

In English “to administer” also means “organize”, “maintain” and “instruct”.

So, the word “administration” can be understood as an activity or an effort to help, to serve, to instruct, or to organize all activities to achieving the goal.

Frederick Taylor (1856) is often called as father of management movement based on science. Thereby, he is also called as the pioneer of administration.

The well-known pioneer of administration is Henry Fayol (1841). He established the center of administration course, and he also tried to make French government paying attention on administration. The main principles or functions in administration stated by Henry Fayol are Planning, Organizing, Commanding, Coordination, and Control.

The development of administration which at first concerned on industry and corporate world, later trained up to public or state, therefore now we know business administration and governmental administration or public administration and in educational world we know educational administration.

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